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Pro Boat Clean is a global alliance of high-quality boat cleaning and yacht care companies dedicated to satisfying the changing needs of our customers. We have joined forces for marketing, sales and technical support and offer services and care for your boat when you move it across oceans. By combining our efforts, we ensure our customers receive a long term, unmatched level of service and performance.

We provide the highest quality environmentally friendly products and services. Our principals share a culture of cooperation and commitment. We are customer driven and dedicated to the service and support of those customers.

We are committed to service excellence and:
• A proven responsive sales system - we'll answer promptly when you call
• An enthusiastic and assertive approach - we're a group of small businesses whose principals work on the front line
• Long term stability and a plan for the future - we're planning to be caring for your boat for years to come

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Cleaning vinyl seats in a dirty boat  

                                 Filthy boat cockpit with stained vinyl seats

  Clean vinyl seats and cockpit in a fibreglass boat

                                   After cleaning the vinyl boat seats restored

Owner, “Shaken not Stirred”, Bayliner 3878 motoryacht, Delta, BC
“I did not get the pre-cleaning pictures I was going to as they started a day earlier than scheduled. To do the job on the hull the boat usually needs to be out of the water. You can have them just do the hull or the whole boat. I went with the whole boat. The boat was badly oxidized with little shine showing through the oxidation. There was a fair amount of staining from the winter and previous season. Those of you with Bayliner 38’s know the stain that builds up under the rope locker drain gets deep into the gelcoat.

The company’s tag line read “We remove the dirt not your gelcoat.” They do not cut polish the boat. Most of their time is spent is on cleaning rather than on the final polish. It took several applications of their cleaning products, over a couple of days, to get the stain out from below the rope locker drain, again with no cut polish. They told me the key to a good job is getting the boat clean before applying any finish. Applying a finish before the boat is totally clean just locks in the dirt or stains.

They cleaned the complete exterior of the boat excluding the dinghy, the sunbrella enclosure and hull below the waterline. They cleaned the stainless getting rid of any rust stains, the hull and fittings, all deck surfaces, the flybridge dash and superstructure. They unsnapped the bridge enclosure cleaning and polishing what normally would not be seen. They pay attention to detail even to using a tooth brush to clean under the rub rail! The final finish is a proprietary synthetic polish. It is applied by hand and polished with a lamb’s wool buffer.

The crew consisted of 2 men. They spent approximately 7 man days to complete the job from beginning to end. Once completed they left me with a supply of a proprietary wash liquid that they say if used at least monthly will help maintain the shine.

I am very pleased with the end result and can recommend them. As far a pricing goes it is best to contact the directly. They will ask several questions before pricing.” [NB: We can clean dinghies and canvas covers if required!]

Fibreglass boat cleaning services by Pro Boat Clean          Boat detailing services by Pro Boat Clean

 First surface clean process by Pro Boat Clean                                A shiny protective coating is applied to the boat