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Do you offer boat management or total boat care?

Can you clean my dinghy too?

What about my vinyl seat cushions?

Can you clean up the mess left by otters on my boat?

Can brown staining be cleaned from below the waterline of my lake boat?

Do you provide customer discounts?

Boat Care

Pro Boat Clean offers complete boat care programmes to boat owners. These Boat Care Plans are designed for owners who want to enjoy their time afloat, maintain one of their largest investments and may not have the time and or skills to keep their boat properly maintained. Plans are flexible and can be designed and customized for each individual boat owner.

With our programme we will ensure your boat is well cared for and maintained in the best possible condition for both your own enjoyment and a higher re-sale or trade-in value. Our programme is designed to alleviate any problems and the mundane tasks associated with owning a boat.

Our objective at Pro Boat Clean is to work with the novice as well as the seasoned boater and we understand that time on the water is for relaxing with family and friends - our professionalism and attention to detail ensures this result.

Why Pro Boat Clean' Boat Care Plans?

Simple: One Company, One Contact, One Invoice. In addition Pro Boat Clean brings a wealth of information to you, your boat, and your entire boating experience. Imagine dealing with only one company for all of your marine needs. Have only one number to call for any marine problems or issues. And in the end you only get one highly detailed invoice for the solutions to all of your marine requirements.

Anything regarding your boat can be handled by one Metro Vancouver office with one contact and one invoice. And that office is ours, Pro Boat Clean.

The benefits of Pro Boat Clean’s Boat Care Plan
• Delivered by highly trained professionals.
• Establishes a regular and reliable schedule for visual inspections.
• Produces prompt customized reports via e-mail, fax or mail.
• Notifies you of any potential problems before they occur.
• Provides you the assurance that your yacht is safe and secure, even when you are away.
• One company, one contact, one invoice

Our mobile service is initially operating in north and west Vancouver, in an area between Squamish to the north, Deep Cove to the east and Point Grey to the south.


We have found and tested some products which are extremely good at cleaning inflatable dinghies; here are some before and after photos of what we can achieve:

inflatable dinghy cleaning

     Before                                                                           After

                                          inflatable dinghy cleaning

The same products and systems also work well on vinyl seats and cushions as can be seen below:

                                   vinyl boat cushion cleaning

                                                   Before                                               After


We can remove otter poop and debris from your boat, clean it up and deodorize it, if you are unlucky enough to have otters take up residence in your absence!

    Cleaning otter poop from a boat cabin  Boat cleaning: otter poop from inside boat

Otter poop inside cabin before boat cleaning                       Otter 'bed' inside rope locker before boat detailing

Brown stains below the waterline on lake and river boats

We're often asked if we can clean brown staining from below the waterline of ski, wakeboard and powerboats used on lake and rivers. As you can see from the photos below this is one of our specialities!

Staining below the waterline of ski or wakeboard boatsStaining removed from below the waterline of ski or wakeboard boats

Staining below the waterline of ski or wakeboard boatsStaining removed from below the waterline of ski or wakeboard boats

Contact us to discover more and/or obtain your free estimate

Owner, “Aloha I”, Hunter 31 sailboat, Maple Bay, BC
I own a Hunter 31, built in 1981 and in very good shape. Having her hauled out in March 2007 for the usual work, service and some repairs, I wanted to look her better for longer, than I was able to accomplish by my own means, muscles and sweats. I was in need of help without polishing the hull and simply abrading dirt or stains. Then an advertisement came across my desk and I made an inquiry and wanted to have my questions answered in a way, that I could believe they would not harm my boat with harsh chemicals.

I was very surprised from the very begin of the process. I went twice to take a close look and find out how and what they do? I had to work years to be able to buy this my Aloha 1 and naturally speaking I really care about her. I was really surprised to see the different steps and the progress of the work. Even I, as a picky person, could never have cleaned Aloha 1 in such a way. Stains were gone, the colors came out again, the white looked like new and best of all without to take any gel coat off.

During the whole process I have been dealt with in a professional, business like manner. Everything they said they would do, they did and did it excellently. As a ‘normal guy’ my dollars are must stretch veeery far but I would do that investment with them anytime. It gives me great pleasure to show our Aloha 1 off to my wife and neighbours on the water without the back pain, muscles spasm and sweat I usually have.