Pro Boat Clean (formerly trading as G R Pro-clean in North America)

Welcome to Pro Boat Clean - your eco-friendly, professional boat cleaning and yacht care service

Is your boat dirty? Are the hull and decks stained and oxidized?
Your boat represents a major investment financially as well as in your time and leisure. Pro Boat Clean's fibreglass boat cleaning service ensures that the appearance and resale value of your boat or yacht is maintained. Contact us now to discover more and obtain your free estimate.

Would you use sandpaper to clean your car, van or truck?
No, neither would we. The use of abrasive boat cleaners is little different, which is why at Pro Boat Clean, whenever possible, we clean boats without using abrasives by deep cleaning the shiny gelcoat and then protecting it. This results in longevity both of appearance and value.

The products Pro Boat Clean uses and our boat detailing processes not only improve the appearance of your fibreglass boat but also protect it against damage by ultra violet light, the ravages of time and the elements.

Conventional boat cleaning

The quality and appearance of the outer skin of the fibreglass - the gelcoat - is your boat’s greatest asset. However unlike an engine or mast, the precious gelcoat cannot be replaced.

Badly abraded boat hull after conventional cleaning

Excessive use of abrasive cleaners whilst cleaning fibreglass can often remove the gelcoat entirely or leave only a very thin film resulting in that 'patchy' or grey look so often seen in marinas. Even slightly cut-back boats frequently appear chalky and uncared for.

The boat detailing services provided by Pro Boat Clean do not wear away your yacht’s gelcoat. We at Pro Boat Clean also believe "Boat Cleaning shouldn't cost the Earth" and our boat cleaning system is eco-friendly.


Badly abraded boat after conventional cleaning

The Pro Boat Clean service

The Pro Boat Clean deck and hull cleaning services combine time-tested and proven hull cleaning products with the skills of professional yacht cleaning Service Agents, who know and understand fibreglass boats. And  we can treat your fibreglass hull and deck both in and out of the water.

Contact us now to discover more and/or obtain your free estimate.

Stained boat hull before cleaning        

                                           Before boat cleaning and renovation           

Clean and shiny boat after treatment by Pro Boat Clean

                                           After a Pro Boat Clean cleaning treatment

Owner, “Mateship”, Canoe Cove Tri-cabin 41ft motoryacht, Vancouver, BC
“As always you've done an amazing job. I'll put a cheque in the mail today.”

Owner, “Libelle”, 27ft sailboat, Nanoose Bay, BC
"Thank you for the tremendous job on restoring the hull colour of our red Vancouver 27. The service and results were first class. It was only after seeing the difference that we realized how dull and lifeless the finish on our boat had become. It's been a bit like having a new boat and we couldn't be happier................. All the best."