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Which boats and yachts do you clean?

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Which boats and yachts does Pro Boat Clean clean and detail?

Pro Boat Clean detailing a 36 metre superyachtPro Boat Clean detail any boat or yacht hull and deck from weekend runabouts to ocean-ranging blue water yachts and large motoryachts.

Not only do we clean the fibreglass hull from the waterline up, but we also clean the deck, superstructure, flybridge, swim platform, even the interior including the engine room. You name the boat or yacht – if it's fibreglass we clean it, and remember we strive to be eco-friendly and not to use abrasives which will damage the thin layer of shiny gelcoat.

Please see testimonials from our satisfied customers throughout this website.


Boats and yachts can be treated afloat or ashore, in a marina or boatyard, in your yard or garage. Pro Boat Clean provides a mobile boat detailing service and we come to you!

The Benefits of the Pro Boat Clean service.

A great deal of time and money goes into building a fiberglass boat, yet its perceived value, as with a car, is determined by its appearance.

The difference between a car and a fibreglass boat or yacht, however, is that your boat's shiny outer surface is built-in during the moulding process, not sprayed on afterwards, and cannot readily be replaced.

By using Pro Boat Clean's boat cleaning services you enhance your yacht or boat's appearance and maintain its residual value. Our system leaves boat detailing to science rather than elbow grease, safely and harmlessly neutralising and lifting stains without causing damage to your yacht’s gelcoat. Different types of staining require different boat detailing treatments which is why Pro Boat Clean's trained Service Agents apply them, ensuring optimum results and returning your boat's hull and deck to a bright, shiny condition every time.

After a full deep cleaning service the rejuvenated gelcoat of your yacht’s fibreglass is sealed and protected to guard against further staining and to protect the fibreglass against ultraviolet light.

Dirty and dull yacht hull before treatment by Pro Boat Clean 

                                  Dull and dirty boat hull before cleaning           

 Yacht hull after cleaning by Pro Boat Clean 

                                   Clean and protected yacht hull after cleaning

Products used by Pro Boat Clean

We use a range of products which gently "deep-clean", removing staining and dirt effectively and safely, enhancing appearance and protecting fibreglass boats.

Each product is used for a specific cleaning purpose, together they:

  • Remove staining, atmospheric pollution, rust marks and waterborne stains.
  • Clean away old dirty existing polish and algae.
  • Restore the finish to oxidised areas and surfaces around exhaust outlets.
  • Seal the gelcoat and give a long lasting UV-resistant shine

Because we use deep cleaning, non-abrasive products we can thoroughly clean and protect the non-slip decks of your boat ensuring they too remain clean and shiny for longer, and easier to maintain.

In addition to deep cleaning and treating gelcoat, the boat cleaning products we use also clean stainless steel, vinyl awnings, seating and covers, windows and teak decks. We even clean your fenders; why have a beautifully clean yacht with dirty fenders over the side!

Before boat detailing: dirty teak decks

                                     Teak decks before and after cleaning by Pro Boat Clean

Clean teak decks: after yacht detailing by Pro Boat Clean

The Long Lasting Finish

The durability of wax polishes usually used in boat detailing is limited by the corrosive effects of salt water, the effects of thermal radiation, direct and reflected UV which can literally melt the wax off the boat's hull and deck and the abrasion caused by the hull cutting through the water.

It is suggested a wax finish on a boat hull and deck usually lasts only 3 to 6 months, depending on weather conditions. In addition many waxes and other sealants do not clean away pre-existing micro-contamination in the pores. Worst still, they can seal the contamination in place where it will continue to oxidize from the inside, under the wax coating.

Our Service Agents will polish your yacht with a synthetic "wax", sealing the microscopic pores in the gelcoat and giving a long-lasting protective film with a highly polished finish. This has better bonding characteristics than wax, better abrasion resistance and a much higher melting point.

Once polished with the protective coating, our experience shows that your boat should remain clean and shiny for at least a full season and often longer, particularly if regularly washed down with our own boat wash. In areas of little airborne and/or waterborne pollution it is anticipated the shine will last even longer. The longevity of the protective coat does, of course, depend upon the use to which your boat is put after cleaning.

Powerboat before cleaning by Pro Boat Clean  

                                    Power boat before cleaning by Pro Boat Clean

Motorcruiser after boat detailing by Pro Boat Clean

                                  Motorboat after boat detailing by Pro Boat Clean

Guarantee of service

Our boat cleaning and maintenance services and the products used to clean the hull and deck of a fibreglass boat or yacht are available only through our trained and licensed Service Agents. The Agent is trained to use our specially developed techniques to guarantee optimal results through the yacht detailing process.

The Pro Boat Clean detailing business depends upon our reputation thereby guaranteeing service quality and enabling the success and proven reputation. We can provide references from satisfied boat owners, dealers and brokers at your request.

Pro Boat Clean is fully licensed and insured for commercial general liability and its operating companies are registered with the local workers compensation board. Of course we plan to take extremely good care of your boat and hope we will never need the insurance!

Our charges are based on the size and type of boat, not by the hour – you will know exactly what the total cost is going to be before we start, unless of course you ask for extra cleaning services.

Services - Seasonal

Spring. At the beginning of the season, boat cleaning removes staining and deposits accumulated over winter from the hull and deck. A renovating treatment for the gelcoat is also applied. Your boat will be protected for the season against UV and polluting elements present in the marine environment.

Winter. Whether your boat is kept outside or under shelter, boat detailing at summer’s end ensures it spends the winter under the best conditions. The accumulated marks and salt deposits from the season’s use are removed, the summer’s environmental onslaught is repaired and the gelcoat is preserved during the winter. The protective coating should keep boats clean through the next season.       Rust stains removed for fibreglass boat by Pro Boat Clean     Rust stains removed from fibreglass boats by Pro Boat Clean

                                        Rust stains removed from fibreglass boats by Pro Boat Clean

Services - Buying & Selling, and New Boats

Buying. On purchase of your fibreglass boat have it treated by Pro Boat Clean. The yacht detailing treatment is adapted for the age and state of the boat's hull and deck. A recent boat or one in good condition may only require a thorough cleaning of the fibreglass followed by our protective coating. On older boats or those with degraded gelcoat a fuller renovation may be needed. In all cases, and depending upon previous maintenance routines fibreglass stains are neutralized, dirt removed and your beautiful boat is protected.

Selling. Before selling your boat have it cleaned and detailed by Pro Boat Clean, just as you would valet a car or renovate a house, prior to sale. This may increase the price and will make your yacht more attractive to buyers. A potential buyer is reassured by knowing he is buying a well cared for and protected yacht. Cleaned boats are often more easily sold. See our Boating Tips page for more suggestions.

New boats. Carried out as soon as possible, on new or very recent boats, Pro Boat Clean's treatment will preserve the gelcoat. The gelcoat’s brightness and polished surface is enhanced and protected. Yachts are not immediately damaged by the use of aggressive or abrasive processes. Your new investment is preserved in beauty and in value.

Contact us to discover more and/or obtain your free estimate.

Owner, “Northern Orca” 28ft Monterey Sunbridge powerboat, Nanaimo, BC
“Ok that's great. I have always taken great pride in ensuring my boat has looked the best it can and have maintained it to high standards annually but the quality of workmanship of the person who always detailed it dropped over the years and I find myself faced with the task of finding a new person / crew. I am excited to try your system out as I am always paranoid about "newby's" using power buffers when cut polishing or waxing and creating irreversible results. I am also happy with your professional "all in" approach and can't wait to see the results! Please proceed at your earliest convenience.”

Owner, 28ft Bayliner Ciera Sunbridge powerboat,

Richmond, BC
“Thank you for your kind message…………..Thank you VERY MUCH for the wonderful job. I would love to be a reference for you any time.”


Owner, “Georgia Mist”, Bayliner Contessa 28 powerboat, Reed Point, BC
"Hey Nick, I just want to acknowledge how satisfied I am with your work. It is everything that you promised. I am especially pleased with the absence of the chalkiness that had plagued my boat's finish. It now has a sheen on it as if it were new. Thank you very much."